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U.S. Call-In Details

(605) 313-4166

Access code 647801#

Every Sunday

5-6:15pm Pacific

8-9:15pm Eastern

Business Meetings: 3rd Sundays

4:25-4:55pm Pacific
7:25-7:55pm Eastern

Previous Meeting Minutes

Approved Minutes from Past Business Meetings

Click on any image below to open a printable and downloadable pdf of our 2021 and 2022 business meeting minutes. 

2021 minutes are on single pages.

2022 minutes are multipage, click on image to open pdf.

2023-03-19 Biz Mtg.PNG
2023-02-19 BizMtgNotes.PNG
Copy of Blank Image.PNG

Sunday BDA Group Inventory

We performed a wonderful and productive BDA group inventory this year. With the help of our moderator, not a member of our group, we developed our own inventory questions:

1. What are the principles by which all DA groups function, including our BDA group? 

2. From the Fifth Tradition, what is our BDA group's message?

3. Do we stay focused on our singleness of purpose?

4. Are we, as a group, open to change? Are we flexible and open to new ideas?

5. Is our meeting format working for us and attracting new members? 

6. What are the special challenges we face as a phone meeting? How are we handling those challenges?

7. Are there changes we would like to make to our group or meetings? What are they and why?

8. Are there things we would hate to see change about our group or meetings? What are they and why?

9. Are we serving the newcomers who attend our meetings? How would we know? Are they coming back? 

10. Are we living up to self-support and voluntary contributions — in terms of both money and service — as described in the 7th Tradition?


11. Are we filling our open positions with qualified candidates? If no, why not? 

12. Do we want to create positions for Intergroup Rep and Public Information Rep? If yes, how will we accomplish this?

13. Is there anything we have not yet discussed based on the questions above?

Rather than making decisions, which was not the purpose of the inventory, or suggestions to the group, we framed our inventory results in terms of questions with context, which we are now working through with our group via monthly business meetings. For more information, download our complete group inventory report.

Feb 20 Bus image.JPG
Mar 20 2022.JPG
April Biz MTG.JPG
July 17 2022 Biz Mtg.JPG
9. Sept 2022 Biz note image.PNG
June_011622 Sunday BDA Online  Working  Business Meeting Agenda _ v1 (2) (1) (1) (1)_Page_
8. Aug 2022 Biz note image.PNG
10. Oct 2022 Biz note image.PNG
11 Nov Biz image Capture.PNG
2021-01-17 Sunday BDA Phone Business Mee
2021-02-21 Sunday BDA Phone Business Mee
2021-03-21 Sunday BDA Phone Business Mee
2021-04-18 Sunday BDA Phone Business Mee
2021-05-16 Sunday BDA Online Business Meeting _ v1.jpg
2021-06-20 Sunday BDA Online Business Meeting _ v1.jpg
Sunday BDA business meeting notes 8-15-2021.jpg
Sunday BDA business meeting notes 9-19-2021.jpg
Sunday BDA business meeting notes 10-17-2021.jpg
Sunday BDA business meeting notes 9-19-2021.jpg
Sunday BDA business meeting notes 10-17-2021.jpg

Consolidated minutes for all of 2020 are in the link below.

Previous Treasurer's Reports

Previous Treasurer's Report pdfs are available here.

2023-01 Treas Report.PNG
March 2023 treasurer's report.PNG
Copy of Blank Image.PNG
2023-02 Treas Report.PNG
April 2023 Treasurer Report.PNG
Copy of Blank Image.PNG
2022 April Treasurer Report.JPG
2022 May Treasurer Report.JPG
2022 June Treasurer Report.JPG
2022 July  Treasurer Report.JPG
Treasurer Report August 2022 corrected.PNG
Treasurer Report September 2022.PNG
Treasurer Report October 2022.PNG
Treasurer Report November 2022.PNG
2022-12-31 Treas ReprtDec.png
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